Reflection on selecting possible topic

I am naturally drawn to my first and second possible topic. My tutor gave me advice to select a particular question for the possible topic as it is a vast subject and staying focus on the right direction can be difficult.

My tutor suggested me to formulate my second possible theme as following:  “How the need of sharing information and appearing on social media has changed the role of graphic designers and their clients’ requests?” It appears to be more appropriate of formulating the topic for my essay. As it is the main concern for many graphic designers nowadays.

I think my preference is somehow the second theme. Actually, I feel I am particular drawn to this subject and to these questions, as I am very interested in user interface and user experience for web and mobile. This is an area where I feel that my practice would benefit from further research. I have always been fascinated with new technology and admire UI and UX designers such as Jakub Antalík, Moe Slah and Michal Sambora whose skill in User Interface & User Experience have interesting and extremely effective design solutions.

Looking back at history, it will be interesting to explore how websites requirements, principals and guidelines have changed. And other than that, I have also decided to design and an app for my Graphic Design Practical assessment for the RSA competition. I think doing research on this topic and focusing on these questions can help me to expand my knowledge and understanding for mobile and web technologies.



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