Brief: RSA Design – Sleep Matters (Self-Negotiated)

Outcome: Mobile App & Website

Main Aim: SleepGuru is a Campaign that aim bring awareness and provide a solution to people who are interested in maintaining healthier lifestyle and want to improve their sleep and change their habits.

The Problem

According to the survey report, no less than 50% of the UK’s population is actually suffering from some kind of sleeping disorder. The objective of the RSA brief is to develop a system, service or product which has an objective to improve personal well-being and the overall health of people and this will be accomplished simply by encouraging people to sleep better.

In order to succeed it is important to consider other solutions besides the standard solutions which is in use at this point in time and it is important to take a fresh look at exactly how sleep impacts upon the health of target audience.

Project’s Scope

The aim of this project is to bring awareness and provide a solution to self-defined target audience. The intended target audience are full-time professionals, between 25 to 45 years of age, who are interested in maintaining healthier lifestyle, but have very busy lifestyle.

The main objective is to raise awareness about the importance of sleep.
Another primary goal is to promote changing behaviour through digital app. The aim is to produce an awareness campaign and a tool to train those people who do not prioritise their sleep and have problems with quality sleep.

The Solution

The interaction concept is developed on the basis of requirements and scenarios, establishing users’ persona and several wire-frames were drawn to visualize the design concept. The design concept is simple and bold and aesthetically appealing.

The idea is to change the behaviour of user through the mobile app and desktop app. During the design process, I paid special attention to user interface and usability standards, making the app design easy to read. Throughout the development process, an innovative product with a user-friendly interface, colours, layout and typography has been used in order to ensure this appeal to the target audience.