Harry Potter

Name: Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone

Competition: ISTD Typography

Outcome: Responsive Website, Mobile App

Tags: Animation, Graphics, Typography, Digital

The Challenge
The ISTD competition brief by ‘Editions at play’ was to visually interpret a chapter from a banned book as a digital dynamic book. A book that would be visually not possible to print. The key component of this brief was to bring a story, and words into the digital realm with digital capabilities such as animation and sound.

Target Audience
UX, UI professionals, typographers, graphic designers, educators, students, literary  audience, or discerning members of the public.

To create a thorough research I normally include social and demographic characteristics, needs, desires, goals, habits, expertise, cultural background and motivations.
For this particular brief I decided for the first book from Harry Potter books series.
I did a thorough research on typography and interactive dynamic web and apps and animations. After experimenting, I came to the solution to develop HTML5 dynamic web app. My main concern was to design interface in different resolutions, so that users can read from multiple platforms or devices.

For this brief I selected first book from the series of Harry Potter books. According to the ALA, the reasons why people challenge Harry Potter books, is because they are anti-family, violent and unsuited for its age group, or it go against a religious viewpoint. Initially, my aim was to remove the conception and imagination of dark and horror side of the story. I wanted to include the term “colourful and playful” within my piece to emphasise the young, brave and mysterious side of the Harry Potter story.

The final piece revolves around colourful water-colour brush painting and dynamic typography. My idea is to execute typography, the way that the words are expressive of human emotions and behaviours, such as wobbling, shouting or shaking. The final version is a dynamic responsive web (app), mobile version and an iOS native app.