Cosmos App

Competitions: RSA, Adobe Awards, AWDA
Outcome: Mobile App, Web
Tags: UI, UX and Branding

The Challenge
The RSA competition brief was to design a way to promote engagement between people of diverse background in ways that recognise difference, create connections and cultivate respect.

Target Audience
People between age 22 – 70, immigrants, refugees, politicians, journalists, reporters, public officials, investigators, lawyers, human activists, educators and students.

After a thorough research, I realised that the world is facing biggest refugee crisis since World War II. However, statistics alone can’t narrate the story of immigrants but other means can do.

Those immigrants have real stories but they’ve been ignored by the media and politicians. Although their true stories can change the world and develop empathy in the society.

Online Survey
I conducted an online survey; consist of 19 multiple-choice questions which gave following interesting results:

More than 87,9% would like to get connected and read true stories and blogs based on real people from diverse backgrounds. In conclusion, it is evident that a large proportion of people like to get connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

The Concept
My solution is a social-media based platform that helps bringing people together. A community based mobile app, targeted specifically for people beyond borders, that allows immigrants and refugees to share their personal true stories. Cosmos app will allow to read true stories of immigrants, and will allow us to get connected with real people, to build trust and relationship with immigrants, especially with refugees.