bSafe App

Brief: Self Negotiate Project – University of Hertfordshire
Outcome: Mobile App & Website
Main Aim: To Educate people and bring awareness how to be safe and save others lives by taking right action. Raise panic alarm and alert in any danger.

The Problem
Nearly thousands of people die alone every day through road accidents. Among them many can be saved through getting proper first aid and pre-hospital care on time. Usually bystanders don’t have proper knowledge how to react in such situations resulting in endangering or loss of lives. Moreover lack of knowledge for getting help also play a negative role in these conditions.

Target Audience
General public, First Aiders, doctors, ambulances, nurses, elderly people, medical staff, fire brigades, police, safety and security members

The Solution
bSafe – a mobile App is the solution of these problems which ensures the safety of victims as well as notify the concerned authorities in case of an emergency situation. The App allows you to send Hands-Free distress signal via Voice Control System. While enabling ‘Live Tracking’ feature, it allows share live tracked outdoor movement. The App also allows to raise ‘Panic Alarm’ or ‘Fire Alarm’ to notify your emergency contacts and helpline. The App will share location via GPS with emergency contacts and Police or with Fire-brigade in case of fire. The built-in system of smoke- detector will allow to detect smoke. Last but not the least, the App will also create awareness campaign on First Aid training.