Welcome to my reflective blog. My name is Kiran Khan, I am a graphic & web designer based in South London, England. Currently I am studying and completing BA (Honours) top up degree – final year from the University of Hertfordshire.

On this blog I will document my research, reflections and thoughts while working through my module: Critical and Cultural Studies – Level 6. I will share my design related thoughts, document my experiences, reflect on my final year as a student.

Ever since I enrolled in primary school, I had cherished my art classes. This passion continued throughout high school as I continued to excel in my art classes, winning many contests. That experience laid the foundation and emergence of my passion for graphic design and computers. I had more of an inclination to computer-generated art from a young age. This professional hobby, interest, and now a career is deeply embedded in my understanding of the world and the desire to make it a better place.

After graduating from high school in Germany, I enrolled in Berufsschule -Technical College to study Information Technology & Administration, which became my foundation. I began to study graphic design further through the world of web. I read number of books from the library and ended up designing my own website with HTML.

To date, I have worked as a graphic & web designer at various companies including my own freelance business for over ten years. I love the fact that every day brings a new opportunity for me to expand my skills. The chief point about graphic design that I would like to reiterate is the opportunity it gives me to express and explore my own ideas. It’s a field that allows me the freedom to experiment and grow as a designer.

In 2015, I accepted a position as bi-lingual Customer Service Administrator with the company based in Cambridgeshire, England. This position continued to enhance my level of self-confidence as I learned how to more effectively connect and communicate with people from different parts of the world.

At the same time, to progress as a graphic designer, I need a basis in what has been done before and to view my work in historical context. Ten years as a professional designer has enabled me to hone production skills and cut my teeth on the practical applications of graphic design, but it has not offered much time for reflection, dreaming and exploration.

Graduate studies are an opportunity to break from commercial work and to explore more academic and experimental design issues. In particular, I want to examine ideas that break with outdated conventions and will give graphic design a new voice in an increasingly digital world.

Additionally, I want to continue my life-long passion of learning about new places and societies.  My goal in life is to motivate and inspire others by making the most out of technology and media.

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