Integrating Theory and Creative Practice

Is there a particular issue that is important to you or that causes you difficulties?

Important to me:
– Being multi-skilled
– To design unique
– Adapting to new technology
– Working within fast turnarounds

– Balance and time management
– Managing unrealistic expectations

Are there examples of work by other designers/illustrators/practitioners that can be argued to have addressed this issue/problem?

Unrealistic expectations from clients
Good design takes a lot of time, planning, thinking, researching and developing. Staying in touch with clients throughout a project and keeping them informed along the way is  also very important.
Colin Harman (2016) designed a great venn diagram poster to address this common issue most of graphic designers face.


Figure 1: Colin Harman, (Source:, 2016)


Reference: (2016) Colin Harman quote [Online image]
Available at
[Accessed 03 November 2016]

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